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Typ: Haus / Villa,Neubau
Preis : 790.000€
Standort: Rogoznica
Best price!
Small image
Typ: Appartman,Neubau
Preis : 200.000€
Standort: Rogoznica
Sea front!
Small image
Typ: Haus / Villa,Neubau
Preis : 900.000€
Standort: Rogoznica
One left!
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Typ: Haus / Villa
Preis : 380.000€
Standort: Brac
Price reduced!
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Typ: Off plan,Grundstück
Preis : 330.000€
Standort: Korcula
Exclusive sale
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Details about energy certificate

What is an energy certificate?

The energy certificate is a document showing the energy performance of the building that has the content and layout of the Regulations on the energy certification of buildings (National Gazette 36/10), and is issued by an authorized person.

Energy certification of buildings is a set of actions and procedures that are conducted for the purpose of issuing the energy certificate.

Building energy audit is a documented procedure that is performed in order to determine the energy performance of the building and the degree of fulfillment of these properties in relation to the reference value and has proposed measures to improve the energy performance of the buildings that are economically justified and carried out by an authorized person.

The values ​​in the energy certificate reflect the energy performance of the building and the energy consumption calculated based on hypothetical regime of using the building and do not necessarily reflect the real consumption in the building because it includes user behavior.

The energy certificate is a marketing tool to promote energy efficiency and low energy construction. Energy certification of buildings is possible to compare the energy requirements of buildings, encourage investments in new and innovative concepts and technologies, the use of alternative energy supply systems in buildings, and contributes to the overall reduction of energy consumption and environmental protection. The energy certificate is designed as one universal rating energy performance of a building based on which objects can be classified and compared.

Obligation of certifying

All of the building for which request for confirmation of the main project or for a construction permitis is made after 31st March 2010. must have an energy certificate.

Investor of new building has to provide building energy certificate before performing technical inspection and attach it to the application for issuance of a use permit.

Any property for rent or sale will have to have energy certificate.

Existing buildings, or property that is for sale, rent or lease, must have an energy certificate available for the buyer or tenant at the latest by the date of Croatian accession to the EU.

Why the procedure?

The obligation of the energy certification of buildings arising from the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) of 16.12. 2002. was formed under the influence of the Kyoto Protocol (according to which member states were obliged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8% by 2010.).

EPBD - Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on the energy performance of buildings, the most important legal instrument in the field of energy efficiency of buildings made on 16.12. 2002. Its aim is to promote improvement of the energy performance of buildings using cost-effective measures, and the need to achieve the Kyoto Protocol requirements and the security of energy supply. This Directive requires Member States to:

- The application of minimum requirements for energy efficiency in new buildings
- The application of minimum requirements on the energy efficiency of existing large buildings (useful floor area over 1000 m2) when they undergo major renovation
- Implement the energy certification of buildings
- Carry out regular inspection of boilers and air conditioning systems
- Ensure a sufficient number of qualified and / or authorized persons to carry out regular inspections of boilers and air conditioning systems, and the certification of buildings
- Carry out regular promotional activities aimed at informing and raising awareness about the energy efficiency of buildings.

The deadline for the transfer of this Directive in the Member States finished 04.01. 2006. Due to difficulties in meeting the requirements to ensure a sufficient number of qualified and / or authorized experts to conduct energy certification of buildings and inspection of boilers for heating and air conditioning systems, Member States are able to use an extended period of three years (until January 2009.) for the full transfer of this Directive.

Energy ratings

Building energy is an indicator of the energy performance of the building which is the building expresses the annual heat energy for heating the climatic data reduced to the unit of useful floor area of ​​the building Ak, and for non-residential buildings over the relative value of the annual energy use for heating.
Energy ratings are designated from A + to G, the best to worst. All the facilities you need to make an energy certificate, are classified in the energy class.

Such as refrigerators and appliances, according to the level of energy consumption, apartments, houses, and buildings will be shared on a very lean and cost-effective facilities grade A +, the less efficient it will be class A, lower B, C, D, E, F, and those najrastrošnije and totally uneconomical will have a level of energy consumption G. The principle of operation is actually very similar to the purchase of appliances. As the manufacturers of electronic devices required to provide a complete specification of the energy consumption of individual household devices, it shall also owners of houses, apartments, buildings must also be made available to the buyer as well as the building consumes energy class where it belongs.

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Source: energetski-certifikat.info

Letzte 5 Einträge
Small image
Typ: Haus / Villa,Off plan,Grundstück,Neubau
Preis : 230.000€
Standort: Sibenik

Kroatien Immobilien, Sibenik, Baugrundstück mit Projekt für eine Villa, zum Verkauf
Small image
Typ: Appartman
Preis : 110.000€
Standort: Solta

Kroatien Immobilien, Insel Solta, Zwei-Zimmer-Wohnung mit Blick auf das Meer, zum Verkauf
Small image
Typ: Haus / Villa,Appartman,Neubau
Preis : 152.900€
Standort: Pag

Kroatien Immobilien, in der Nähe von Novalja, Duplex-Wohnungen mit Meerblick, zum Verkauf
Small image
Typ: Appartman
Preis : auf Anfrage
Standort: Split

Kroatien Immobilien, eine schöne 4-Zimmer-Wohnung, Stadt Split (Zenta)
Small image
Typ: Geschäftsraum
Preis : 250.000€
Standort: Split old town

Kroatien Immobilien, Zentrum von Split. Bürofläche, Größe 69,54 m2.
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Keith & Barbara, Südafrika
"Der gesamte Prozess war ein Vergnügen, und wir freuen uns auf unsere renoviert Eigenschaften und längere Sommer in Kroatien." Lesen Sie mehr...

Ela und Thomas, Norwegen
"Kauf der Immobilie unter ihrer Leitung (und der Rest der Broker-Team) war das Stück Kuchen. Alles aus die Überprüfung der Besitzer Status der Eigenschaft, durch die rechtlichen Verfahren zur endgültigen Transaktion und Trouble Shooting - sie kümmerte sich um alles."
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Paolo und Maria aus Italien
"Seit dem ersten Tag unseres Treffens haben wir nie bereut hatte, um ihr Unternehmen gewählt. Sie gaben uns 150% Unterstützung in allen!"
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Mats und Susanne, Schweden
"Sie machen ihr Geschäft mit Herz und das macht ihre Verschiedenheit von anderen!"
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Wayne, Australien
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Boris, Norwegen
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